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About us


DLS Falconry is owned and run by Derek Curtis, an experienced falconer of over 40 years, supported by a team of volunteers, both old and young.


After many years of working with, owning and flying birds of prey, Derek started DLS in 2012 and with the help of friends, family and enthusiastic volunteers, eventually built a home for his birds at the Rising Sun Farm in Wallsend, North Tyneside.

At present, the centre is home to over 30 birds, with 11 different species in residence from around the world, including 2 of our native british owl species. Derek is hoping to one day have all 5 native owls on the team.



Our Team

DLS Falconry relies on volunteers to keep all of our birds happy and healthy. The majority of our current volunteers are teenagers with a passion for birds of prey and other animals in general. We also take several animal care students on work placement to help them achieve their required hours of work experience.


Without their efforts, we simply would not be able to give each bird the exercise and attention they need day to day, whilst still going out to schools and care homes etc. to offer our educational and theraputic sessions.


Support DLS Falconry

Everything we do at DLS, from taking care of our own birds to rescuing and rehabilitating wild raptors, is funded by donations from the public and the events we provide to both public and private clients. Entry to our centre to view the birds is always free, but we appreciate any donations you would care to make during your visit or via our Sponsorship Program and Flying Experiences.

If you would like to donate electronically, payments can be sent directly to our business account. We don’t use any of the donation services available online as they often keep more of the donations than they pass on to the intended recipient, which is unfair to both the doners and the cause!

Please send donations to account no. 83506339; sort code 20-62-09 with ‘Donation’ as the reference.  Many thanks!