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Birds of Prey, Every Day


DLS Falconry is a peaceful haven for over 30 birds of prey, nestled within the Rising Sun Farm, in the heart of North Tyneside.

Easily accessible from Wallsend and surrounded by the beautiful Rising Sun Country Park, the centre is open every day and entry is Free!

The centre is open every day of the year from 9am.

Closing times vary depending on weather conditions and private events, so if you plan to visit later in the day, please call before travelling.

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Try one of our experiences yourself or give as a gift for a friend or loved one.

Our popular ‘Hawk Walks’ start at only £30 per person and last for up to 2 hours, during which time you learn some basic handling techniques, before taking out one of our Harris’ hawks into the country park for your ‘Hawk Walk’.

N.B. Hawk walks are subject to weather conditions and must be booked in advance


We offer a special group session every Monday morning, particularly aimed at those who may be lonely, disabled or have other issues which could mean they don’t go out as much as they might.

The session lasts around 2 hours and runs from our centre based on the Rising Sun Farm, Wallsend and is open to all adults, with no experience necessary.

N.B. Sessions are for a maximum of 6 adults at a cost of £10 each and must be booked in advance.

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Nothing can compare to real, hands-on experience to educate people about our beautiful birds.

Small groups can visit our centre to see all of our birds and learn about them from our staff, or we can bring a selection to your site for larger groups such as schools or care homes etc.

We can adapt sessions for most ages and abilities and have worked with clients with a variety of special needs.

If you are organising a public event, why not add an extra attraction with a little ‘Ooh’ factor?

We regularly work with local and national organisations such as The British Red Cross, Northumbria Police and The Salvation Army to enhance public events and increase visitor numbers.

We also regularly attend private events such as birthdays and weddings, and our snowy owls are very popular for ‘Harry Potter’ themed events.

Call us to discuss your event needs.

N.B. outdoor events are subject to weather conditions.

Owning a raptor can be a wonderful hobby, but the reality is that these birds are messy and hard work, and ownership is definitely not to be considered lightly.

DLS owner, Derek, has over 40 years of experience with raptors and is happy to give advice or offer training to those considering owning a raptor.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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Birds nesting in sensitive areas of your premises can pose a real health risk to you and your staff or family members, as well as making your premises unsightly. It is also common for nesting gulls with young to attack anyone passing closely under their nesting areas. So what are your options?

We have several ‘working’ birds who can help with pest control, also known as ‘bird control’.

DLS are also able to provide and fit equipment which will prevent birds from nesting in areas such as under solar panels or on air ducts for both domestic and commercial clients.

Please contact us to arrange a free site survey for a tailored solution.

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See our Facebook page to follow recent Raptor Rescues!

It is not uncommon for wild birds of prey to become sick or injured.

We are also often called out to search for lost captive birds.

So what should you do if you find a bird of prey in need of help? The first step is to identify whether a bird really needs help

Captive bred birds will almost certainly have some equipment or rings on thier legs and should not be far from their owner unless lost.

If a wild raptor appears sleepy and/or allows you to walk right up to it, or if they are obviously injured, they will need assistance as soon as possible.

If you find a raptor in distress or obviously lost, please call us immediately on 07746230291 for assistance.

If you feel confident enough to try to capture a distressed bird, the easiest way is to throw a towel or blanket over it and place it in a dark box (not a cage as it may damage itself if it thrashes about). Please be very weary of a raptor’s feet as their talons are designed to tear flesh!

If you don’t feel that you could handle a distressed bird please call us and try to keep an eye on it until we arrive. If it is on the ground it will be very vulnerable to attack from other birds and animals.