Static Displays
Static Displays will bring our team to you! perched birds can be interacted with and we allow all birds on show to have their photographs taken with you!
​Flying Displays
providing the location and surroundings of your event, There is possibility you will have the chance to see some of our birds in full flight! Most birds can often reach upto 80MPH in flight!
Owner Training
If you have or are thinking about owning any bird of prey, we offer practical training lessons, advice and equipment sales and fitting (Anklets & Jesses etc)
That Personal Touch
Are you looking for a private event? We offer a wide range of packages from flying experiences to bird viewings! You can enjoy any species of birds from Hawks to Owls return to the glove on your command! Falcons are more specialized and require an experienced hand, but are available for flight demonstrations and handling.
Bird Control
We can remove any unwanted avian visitors by a number of means whether it be private or commercial premises, species solution and area depending.
If you have seen a bird of prey that is in danger, injured or perhaps is known to have escaped from an owner! We can aid in the rehabilitation of injured birds of prey as we have done in the past, alongside the safe return of lost birds to their rightful owners.

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